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Landlord | Fire | Dwelling

Get affordable low insurance quotes on Fire, Landlord, or Dwelling Insurance in Cleveland, Ohio. Get Free online Insurance quote now.

Call Washington and Co Insurance Agency in Cleveland, Ohio (216) 691-9227, or go online and fill out form and submit form, or email us with any questions or concerns. We are here to help you navigate through the quoting process.


Should You Buy Fire | Landlord | Dwelling Insurance?

Fire, Dwelling, or Landlord Insurance provides similar protection to homeowner's insurance, but with expanded coverage to ensure your needs as a landlord are met. If you want to be a landlord, you should spend time evaluating policies and factor that expense into your budget

Here's what Landlord, Fire, Dwelling Insurance covers:


First and most important, Landlord, Fire, or Dwelling Insurance covers your property from most damage. If your building is destroyed in a fire. This insurance covers the cost of rebuilding the home. Make sure you provide an accurate estimate of what it would cost to rebuild; if you insure for too little, you might be stuck paying for the remainder of the repairs.


Lost Rental Income

Landlord, Fire or Dwelling Insurance policies typically go above and beyond the coverage offered in homeowner's policies, including coverage to reimburse you for any lost rental income due to building damage.

If a fire renders your building uninhabitable for months, some landlord insurance Fire Insurance or dwelling insurance policies reimburse you for the lost income during this time. If you rely on your rental properties as a source of income, buying landlord insurance, Fire Insurance or dwelling insurance that covers rental income can be a worthwhile investment.


Your Landord, Dwelling or Fire Property Contents

While landlord, dwelling, or fire policies don't insure your tenant's belongings, they do typically cover your own belongings that tenants might use. If you rent your apartment furnished, or if you leave contents on-site for the easy maintenance of your apartments, these items might be covered. These policies can also protect your carpet, shed, landscaping equipment or furniture. Make sure to take an accurate inventory of your contents on the premises, and purchase enough insurance to cover all of your belongings.


Fire, Landlord, or Dwelling Legal Fees and Liability Protection:

As a landlord or dwelling owner you may be liable if your tenant is injured in your property. Whether you're liable or not, most policies cover legal fees in the event that your tenant sues you. Your policy also pays out in the event of a judgment against you,

protecting your personal belongings and assets if your tenant should make a successful suit. Depending on your policy may also cover medical payments in the event that your tenant is injured. Determine what your landlord insurance, dwelling insurance, or fire insurance covers and make sure it provides adequate personal protection to you and your assets.


What happens if you don't buy Landlord, Fire or Dwelling Insurance?

If you don't have insurance you aren't covered for any of these potential incidents. If your building is never damaged, your tenant never injured and your contents never suffer any harm, then you won't miss the insurance. However, if you don't have landlord insurance, Fire Insurance or dwelling insurance and any of these problems occur, you can lose your valuable investment and be on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs or legal fees and judgments.

If you have questions that are not addressed on our website, call Washington and Co Insurance Agency in Cleveland Ohio (216) 691-9227 or fill out form and submit the form to get quote on Fire Insurance Landlord Insurance or Dwelling Insurance needs.